Nasal filling, commonly known as non-surgical nasal aesthetics in the community, involves the injection of skin filling materials.These fillers are products that are injected into different facial areas to give volume such as hyaluronic acid filler material.Although these fillings are mostly used for lips and cheeks, with the development of rhinoplasty technique, it has been used in the treatment of cavities, indentations, contour deficiencies and asymmetries in the nose.

Nasal filling, which is a very good option for patients who do not want to have surgery, is also very easy in terms of touching up.This technique, which offers the advantage of being formable until the desired result is achieved, is also more economical than surgical techniques.In cases where the patient is not completely satisfied with the outcome, it is reassuring because the procedure is reversible.Since the filling can disappear within a few months, the nose resumes its original shape.

The procedure consists of filling the nasal tissue and then injecting it with an anesthetic cream, usually applied for 20-30 minutes, to the designated areas of the surgeon and the patient.Thus, aesthetic improvement is provided. The injection usually takes 5-10 minutes and is performed in the clinical setting.After nasal filling injection, normal life can be continued without a break. As there is no swelling, bruising and no need to stay at home to heal, this operation is one of the aesthetic operations where patient satisfaction is highest.

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