Lips are one of the most important points on the face both aesthetically and functionally.Due to its dense vein structure and mobile structure, hyaluronic acid fillers specially developed in terms of filling are used in lips.Lip plumping is performed for lip forming and lip contouring.The filler is also used to correct lip asymmetries, remove fine barcode lines on the lip, and reduce lip sagging.

Before the application of lip filling, creams that usually have anesthetic effect are applied for 15-20 minutes.Then, the filling is injected with very fine-tipped needles sometimes only to the red area of the lip, sometimes to the area where the lip meets the skin.Filling application is a quick and easy application completed in as short as 10 minutes. The person can return to social life after the application

Although very rare, minimal swelling and edema may occur after the procedure. In most patients the swelling and bruising does not occur because the consistency of the filling material we use is very soft.The hyaluronic acid used in the lip filler is not permanent and is absorbed by the body over time.The duration of the filling is 4-12 months depending on the factors such as age, lip structure, elasticity, properties, quantity and quality of the injected filler.

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