Injection of under eye light fillers enhances the skin color by increasing the level of hydration in the depth of the skin tissues.The application is a treatment technique that increases the flexibility, stiffness and smoothness in this region and enables it to reflect light better.

With the under-eye light filling, the code difference between detention and cheeks is eliminated and the eyes are prevented from appearing more tired and older than they are.The depressions formed under the eye can be aligned with the cheeks to provide an elevation around the detention.In this way, the eye area which reflects the light better, gets rid of dark circles and detention bags under the effect of hyaluronic acid.In addition, thanks to polyvitamin and amino acid, it provides long-term cellular regeneration.

During the application, this special mixture is injected evenly with the help of a fine injection that will cause no pain under the eye.Minor redness at the injection areas may occur after application. This redness spontaneously resolves within 3 to 4 hours. During this period, the injected areas should not be rubbed. No cream or cosmetic product should be applied to the face. After 4 hours, the skin usually returns to normal.

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