The jaw tip, which is one of the most important structures forming the face profile such as the nose tip, should be proportionate and compatible with the other parts of the face.Mentoplasty is usually evaluated together with nasal aesthetics in Profiloplasty. In this way, the prosthesis placed on the tip of the jaw provides the nose, jaw and face proportion.

Before the operation, the profile of the patients is evaluated with the photograph taken and side cephalometric x-ray and the closure of the lower and upper jaw is examined.If there is a problem in this respect, the patient should be consulted by the dentist about the need for orthodontic treatment and operation of the jaw bones.After this simple and safe operation, serious improvement and rejuvenation of facial aesthetics can be achieved.In jaw surgery with general anesthesia, the jaw prosthesis is inserted through the mouth or through a small incision under the jaw. In this way, there is no surgical scar.

If the operation is to be performed in only one jaw, it will take 1 to 1.5 hours. If both jaws are to be intervened, it takes about 3 hours.

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