Otoplasty is the operation performed against the ear deformity, which is commonly known as flap-ear.Flap-ear is the most common disorder, which is seen congenital or later.This disorder is due to the fact that the angle of the ear to the skull is greater than normal.This discomfort, which makes the ear appear prominent, can also be accompanied by the absence of the inner curves of the ear.

The aim of the operation is to normalize the angle of the ear with the head and at the same time to reconstruct these folds.Scoop ear surgeries are very diverse. Each doctor applies a separate technique. There are many techniques in the form of string flap ear surgery, open ear surgery.This operation is performed with general anesthesia in children and local anesthesia in adults. The operation takes about 1-1.5 hours. After the incision made behind the ear, permanent sutures are made to correct the folds and angle of the cartilage.

The patient returns home the same day after surgery. The edema and swelling are resolved within 2-3 weeks and it takes 2 months for the ear to take its final shape. Because the incisions are made from the back of the ear, the scar is not visible.

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