As the epidermis, which forms the outermost layer of the skin, is less fed over time, dead cells begin to accumulate on the skin.Since this layer is deprived of renewal, the skin surface appears dull, streaked and stained.The most effective method in this case, which causes an undesirable appearance, is the controlled peeling of the skin.We can summarize this peeling process with some chemical substances as chemical peeling.

With the chemical peeling process, the dead layer of the skin is peeled off. Under the peeled skin, the production of live tissue collagen is increased and the appearance of a brighter, more vibrant and youthful skin appears.Superficial scars around the crow’s feet and mouth regress greatly after chemical peeling.

We can divide chemical peels as superficial and deep. In the superficial peeling process, substances consisting of fruit or milk acids such as glycolic acid, pyruvic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, known as AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) are used.The acid concentration of the material used in superficial peeling is low. These procedures are used safely because they do not cause any side effects other than redness which completely regresses within a few hours and do not remove the person from social life.Deep peeling make deeper peeling with substances such as TCA or phenol. Because they want a long follow-up and recovery process, they should be considered separately.

After skin cleansing, the solution is applied to the face peeling process and this solution is kept in the skin for a predetermined time.A slight burning sensation occurs on the skin, but this feeling immediately ceases and is cleared. Then the skin neutralizing agent is applied, after the application of soothing cream and sunscreen the application is terminated.Although the application depends on the skin type, 6-8 sessions are recommended every 1-2 weeks. No side effects are expected other than redness that lasts for several hours after the procedure. The person can return to daily life immediately after the procedure.

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