The nose, which is the most aesthetically attractive structure of the face, has important duties such as heating, cleaning and humidifying the air we breathe in addition to the sense of smell.The operations that improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose are called “Rhinoplasty” and the operations performed for health reasons are called “Septorinoplasty”.

In aesthetic nose surgeries, it is not possible to achieve a perfect result in terms of correcting the appearance because each patient’s tissue responds differently to the surgery.Although the nose is a single organ, it is located in the midline of the face and it has a structure with two sides. A symmetrically similar appearance of the nose makes it difficult to achieve excellent success.

This surgery can change your physical appearance and increase your confidence. But before you decide to have surgery, you should think very well of your expectations and share it with your doctor.TThe most suitable candidates for rhinoplasty are people who do not expect a perfect result, but have the purpose of correcting the appearance of the nose.The success of the surgery depends on the surgeon’s knowledge, skills and experience as well as the patient’s age, general health, the structure of the nasal skin, the degree of nasal appearance, the tissues and some specific problems of the patient.

Sedation (sedative drugs) is done before surgery. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia.During surgery, the nasal skin is separated from the underlying cartilage and bone tissues and formed into the desired shape. The shaping process depends on the patient’s problem and the technique chosen by the surgeon.Generally, excess tissue pieces are removed with very precise cutters. The extracted tissues can sometimes be used to complement the deficiencies present in another part of the nose.Aesthetic nose surgeries can be performed for women between the ages of 16-17 and for men from the age of 17-18.

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