The basis of PRP treatment is the direct delivery of the healing factors from our own blood to every point in need of healing and regeneration.Considering the healing effect of rich growth factors on tissues, it is seen that this method has been successfully applied in scarring, acne, hair loss and skin rejuvenation aesthetics.In addition, the method is used in other areas of orthopedics, physical therapy, diabetes lesions, varicose veins, pain therapy.

During the operation, a small amount of blood is taken through special procedures that take about half an hour.The plasma part of the blood is decomposed and ‘platelet’ extract, which is very rich from the cells, is formed.Platelets, whose main role is wound healing, allow controlled clotting of blood and release growth factors to tissue in cases such as injuries and incisions.

There is no expected adverse side effect, as long as the application is carried out in the correct centers with respect to sterile conditions. Since the material obtained is from our own blood, there is no risk of allergic reaction. It is administered in 4-6 sessions depending on the purpose and the effect expected.

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