The lung transmits air to the larynx and produces air noise through the larynx vocal cords so that the breathing air can turn into sound and speech.This voice is accompanied by the oral cavity, teeth, tongue and sinuses. The hoarseness includes not only low sound, but also bifurcations, vibrations, and muffled sound.

The causes of hoarseness are generally inflammation of the larynx, nodules or polyps that may occur in vocal cords, paralysis of nerves that cause vocal cords to move, nasal discharge, reflux, laryngeal tumors, throat blows, diabetes or nervous system diseases and psychological causes.

If the complaint of hoarseness exceeds two weeks, if there are complaints such as swelling in the throat, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, medical precautions should be taken.In the controls, if nodules or polyps are observed in the vocal cords, drug treatment, surgical intervention or behavioral treatment may be applied.

Surgical procedure involves removal of vocal cord and nodule. After removal of the nodule and polyp in the vocal cords, the patient should comply with the diet planned by the doctor. The patient should avoid excessive hot or cold drink / food consumption.

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