Tip plasty operation is mostly performed in patients with very large, very narrow, low or asymmetrical nostrils.

Very successful results can be obtained with this intervention in patients with problems such as low nasal tip, non-prominent nasal tip, discrete nasal tip, wider nasal wings, poor support of nasal wings, bulbous or square appearance of nasal tip.Tipplasty operation is an operation performed for patients who do not have any defect in the arch structure of the nose, and who feel the necessity of plastic surgery only on the tip and holes of the nose.This procedure is routinely performed within the classical rhinoplasty procedure. On the other hand, if there is only nasal tip deformity in the nose, this procedure can be performed alone.

Before the operation, the patient’s complaints and the reason for the operation are examined first. The simulation is then performed on face profiles drawn from different angles.Upon the expectation of the person, the most natural and functional form of operation is determined according to the face profile.

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