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We welcome our patients at the airport. We create the safest environment and provide information on quality health services and operations.


We provide our patients to stay in 5-star hotels where they can feel as comfortable as at home.


With our technological infrastructure and experience, we provide services in modern hospitals in European standards. We provide you the best conditions to go home happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared for you the answers to the questions that may be in the minds of our patients who prefer us.

You must write your name, surname, e-mail address and instagram username through Whatsapp communication lines.

You should share your nose pictures, whether you have had previous surgery, if any, and the date of surgery and all other details about previous surgery.

Nasal surgery examinations are free of charge. Interviews take place in the clinic on Wednesday and Saturday. Before coming to the meetings, you need to make an appointment by sending a message via instant communication applications or by sending an e-mail to our e-mail address.

After the interview, you can get an idea about the appropriate operation date with our assistant. You need to have a clear date for your surgery appointment to be finalized and you must make the prepayment within 5 working days after the date is set.

An appointment is scheduled for the 2nd interview before the appropriate date of your surgery. You will discuss all details with the doctor on this date.

Just wait for our assistants to inform you about this. All the information is given 1 day before the operation, such as how long before the surgery you should be hungry and when you should be in the hospital.

Nasal surgeries are not as difficult as before with the developing technology.Using a special device called piezo, the nose is shaped by the use of sound waves without fracture in the bone.Open approach technique is applied. It is performed under general anesthesia.

There is a risk in nose surgery as well as every surgery.All risks are explained in detail in the consent forms given during the interviews and pre-signed consent forms. Post-operative swelling and bruising are much less than in nasal surgery where the bone is broken. Depending on skin sensitivity, the amount of swelling and bruising varies.

You are not allowed to eat or drink for about 4 hours after surgery. At the end of this period, light meals such as soup are served.You can eat your favorite food from the moment you feel good. You do not need to follow a special diet. After the surgery you have to wash the nose constantly with the washing kits given to you. Your nose will look larger than normal because there are edema.

Plaster and tampons are removed 1 week after nasal surgery. Special silicone pads are used which do not prevent your breathing. Removing the pads is painless as long as you pay attention to the nasal wash. The desired result is not possible in a short time. Achieving the desired result generally varies between 6 months and 2 years.

Nose operations are long-term operations. Postoperative controls are very important. You should know that the process does not end with surgery, on the contrary, a new process has begun. You must come to the controls. Otherwise, unexpected results may occur. Timely intervention is very important in this respect.


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